CNNC staff contributes to Chashma nuclear power sector

Updated: 2019-12-10

The No 3 unit of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan, built by the China National Nuclear Corporation, passed its final acceptance on Dec 6 (local time), according to CNNC officials.

They said it was the result of common effort made by CNNC staff who have spent years in Pakistan.

Xue Kai: We bring here nuclear power, as well as peace and happiness.

I spent more than two years in Pakistan. Some friends often asked if it was tough there; my answer is complicated.

Chinese people are often strong. When making phone calls to our family members, we always say that we are good and don’t miss home, while after phone calls, we shed tears furtively. When I first spent the Spring Festival in Pakistan, I missed my family so much. I think that was my tough time.

But there are also happy memories, such as mango trees, various wild animals, high temperatures in summer and heavy fog. These made it not so tough.

Fan Jinglei: Chinese constructors respond to the Pakistan people’s expectations with wisdom, hard work and sincerity.

In 2014, when I first came to Pakistan, people in the capital Islamabad suffered from power failures and they could just get electricity every other hour. This not only brought huge inconvenience for people, but increased the wastage of equipment, bringing about large economic losses to the country.

I worked in Pakistan for nearly four years, during which time when I talked about the situation to engineers there, they would say that after the No 3 and 4 units at the Chashma nuclear power plant are built, the situation will be greatly improved. Such expectations turned into responsibilities for every constructor.

The No 3 and 4 units had been put into operation when I left Pakistan in September 2017 and the local power failure situation has been greatly improved.

Li Xinying: We devote our youth to Pakistan.

I worked at Chashma nuclear power plant for three and a half years, which gave me many memories.

When I first came to Pakistan, the language was the huge problem. I spoke poor English and it was difficult to understand what people there said. To tackle the communications problems, we installed many translation apps on our phones. Gradually we could understand each other and Pakistani people could understand "Attention Please" in Chinese.

We constructed No 3 and 4 units at Chashma nuclear power plant and when they were delivered to the Pakistan proprietors, we felt proud because we made contributions to them.