CIAE releases world's first international cyclotron standard

Updated: 2021-12-08

The China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) released the world's first cyclotron standard, titled "Fixed energy high intensity proton cyclotron within the energy range of 10 MeV to less than 30 MeV", on Nov 29.

The CIAE, an affiliated research institute of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), has independently developed a series of cyclotrons in varying ranges over the years. These machines play important roles in nuclear physics, isotope production, radiation shielding technology, aerospace and medicine.


A group photo of the research team who formulated the world's first cyclotron standard

The latest standard has filled in relevant international research gaps and will have great significance for China's creative research, spectral development and large-scale application of cyclotrons in the future.

Twenty-five experts from nine countries have applied to take part in the research initiative since it was launched by the CIAE in 2018. They have creatively overcome many difficulties in the research process.

Before the formal release of the international cyclotron standard, the research team held many rounds of technical exchanges and dialogues with their peers at high-level global conferences.

It was another major achievement made by the CIAE after it issued two high-profile international standards in the fields of nuclear fuel and general instruments in November this year.


Attendees at the IEC/TC45 PT63175 Intermediate Meeting

So far, the CNNC has released nine international standards, which come from its active participation in the formulation of international standards, and mark international recognition of China's nuclear science and technology.

Endeavors to draft international industrial standards will further raise the global influence of CNNC, facilitate the expansion of its overseas businesses and promote their high-quality development.