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CNNC achieves production of carbon-14 isotopes with commercial reactor


A heavy water reactor (HWR) in Qinshan No. 3 Nuclear Power Plant in East China's Zhejiang province inaugurated the world’s first production of carbon-14 radioactive isotopes in a commercial reactor on April 26.

It is anticipated that the plant will start to provide carbon-14 radioactive isotopes to the market in 2024 and its production capacity can fully meet domestic demand.


This marks a major breakthrough made by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) in the manufacturing of isotopes for medical purposes, and will effectively ensure the supply of carbon-14 radioactive isotopes.


It will promote the building of a demonstration base for the commercial application of nuclear technology and the establishment of a stable supply system of isotopes for medical purposes, facilitate the development of the industrial chains of isotope production, and greatly contribute to public health.

CNNC has been committed to bolstering its independent capacity in the production of isotopes, according to Cao Shudong, vice-president of CNNC.