CNNC develops isotope light sources

Updated: 2023-02-16

The China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has independently developed the AIE (Aggregation Induced Emission) isotope light source. Its technical performance has reached the expected design index and is performing well in the application test, with its radiation conversion efficiency reaching 11 percent - 1.1 times higher than the design index.

This marks China having fully mastered the development technology of isotope light sources. The research results are of great significance to promoting the development of the country's isotope technology disciplines, and expanding the application of isotope light sources.

An isotope light source is a self-illuminating device that converts radioactive energy into light energy, and has broad application prospects in many important fields, such as the national economy, and in science and technology. The AIE isotope light source developed by the CIAE uses a new type of aggregation-induced luminescent material, which provides the technical basis for improving the radiation conversion efficiency of isotope light sources and realizing China's independent innovation in this field.


Self-developed new radio-photoluminescence (RPL) materials


The first self-developed isotope light source data integration software