CNNC has contributed to rural revitalization

Updated: 2023-08-18

Since 2002, CNNC has been a driving force in Baihe county, Shaanxi province, in the battle against poverty and in the pursuit of rural revitalization. As a key ecosystem function area in China, Baihe county’s pollution management project of abandoned sulfide iron mines, undertaken by CNNC, has improved the local ecosystem. This endeavor exemplifies CNNC's pioneering efforts in the field of pollution control of sulfide iron mines. CNNC coordinated local ecological resources and leveraged its advantages to achieve precise and efficient control, injecting vitality into local development and demonstrating corporate responsibility. The team formed deep bonds with the local community.


CNNC has fully harnessed various resources to support the county in attracting investments and industry incubation, reinvigorating local businesses. CNNC contacted multiple partners to conduct inspections in Baihe, including the Shaanxi North Nuclear Protection Technology. It has provided employment opportunities for over 100 locals and continuously strengthened management to ensure the quality of products.


Industrial support is the fundamental strategy of achieving rural revitalization. The papaya industry is the leading industry in Baihe county. In recent years, CNNC has supported local papaya industry and actively worked on establishing an influential and renowned "Baihe Papaya" brand, driving continuous and stable income growth in the entire county.


Looking ahead, CNNC will continue to contribute to China’s rural revitalization, jointly crafting a new landscape of cooperation and mutual benefit.