HL-3 successfully operated in the high-confinement mode

Updated: 2023-08-31

On August 25th, China's new-generation "artificial sun" HL-3 achieved significant progress, as it operated in the high-confinement mode under a plasma current of 1 million amperes for the first time. This once again broke the operation record of China's nuclear fusion devices with magnetic confinement, overcoming many technical challenges. This milestone holds great importance in China's nuclear fusion energy development, signifying a crucial step forward in the research of high-performance nuclear fusion plasma operation.


The high-confinement mode in nuclear fusion with magnetic confinement (H mode) is an advanced operating mode that has been chosen as the standard operating mode for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) which is currently under construction. It enhances the overall confinement of plasma, improves the economic efficiency of the reactor, and can increase the comprehensive plasma parameters by several times compared to ordinary modes. Controlled nuclear fusion, as a ground-breaking technology, possesses the advantages of abundant resources, environmental friendliness, and inherent safety.