The steel safety shell of Linglong One is hoisted

Updated: 2023-11-07

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) announced that the top head of the Hainan multi-purpose modular small reactor technology demonstration project's steel containment vessel was successfully hoisted into place on Nov 3. It marks the capping of the key structure of the world's first modular small demonstration reactor under construction and the full entry into the peak period of internal installation.


The Linglong One reactor building consists of three parts: an internal structure, a steel safety shell, and an outer concrete shielding shell. The steel safety shell is composed of four parts from bottom to top: the bottom head, the lower cylinder, the upper cylinder, and the top head. It resembles an upright capsule that encompasses the internal structure of the reactor building, like a "golden bell" that ensures the safety of the "Linglong Heart", which plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and sealing of the reactor building.

The construction of the project officially began on July 13, 2021. It was contracted in the EPC mode, with China National Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation responsible for civil construction and China National Nuclear Power Corporation responsible for installation and construction. It is the world's first land commercial multi-purpose modular small pressurized water reactor.

After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to generate 1 billion KWh of electricity per year, which can meet the electricity demand of 526,000 households in Hainan province. At the same time, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 880,000 tons per year, equivalent to planting 7.5 million trees per year.

It can not only help China achieve the "double carbon" goal as soon as possible, but also has great significance for the continuous promotion of the safe development and independent innovation of nuclear power, and the green energy guarantee for the construction of Hainan Free-Trade Port and the National Ecological Civilization Pilot Zone.

Compared to Hualong One, Linglong One, nicknamed "mobile unclear power bank", is smaller, safer, more flexible, more versatile and closer to the user. Its power is only one-tenth that of the Hualong One, and the lower power reduces the consumption of nuclear fuel.


At the same time, the modular and open-top construction method adopted by Linglong One reduces construction costs and saves construction cycles through standardized design and mass manufacturing of individual modules. The safety analysis shows that its high inherent safety and completely passive safety design characteristics make the safety of Linglong One at the advanced level of third-generation nuclear power