CNNC developed China's first compact AMS

Updated: 2023-11-09

China Institute of Atomic Energy, a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), successfully developed China's first compact accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS). It marks China's significant advancement in the development of high-end nuclear analysis equipment and lays a solid foundation for the application of high-sensitive analysis of AMS.


Miniaturization and compactification are currently hot topics in international AMS research. CNNC team has focused on the challenge of compactification, breaking through key technologies such as gap acceleration, and developed China's first compact tandem accelerator. It is only one meter in length, which is one-third the size of traditional ones. The entire set occupies an area of about 30 square meters, which is 2-3 times smaller than traditional setups. It can achieve efficient and high-sensitive analysis of more than 10 kinds of nucleides, and its related indicators have reached the leading level.

Furthermore, to meet the requirements of miniaturization and efficient and high-sensitive analysis of multi-nucleides, the CNNC team optimized AMS's physical and beam optics design and developed the compact tandem AMS, significantly enhancing its practicality and cost-effectiveness. With a more compact structure, better performance, and the capability to measure multiple nucleides, its transmission efficiency and measurement sensitivity have been verified through experiments, making it applicable in a wide range of fields as marine pollution, biomedicine, and astrophysics.

CNNC will continue to conduct in-depth research on AMS and high-sensitive analysis and application of multi-nucleides, actively expanding its applications in physics, geology, and biology.