CNNC Chairman visits Spain to promote nuclear whole-industry chain cooperation

Updated: 2024-05-17

Yu Jianfeng, chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), held talks with Spanish nuclear energy company ENUSA and the US's Westinghouse Electric Company over the further utilization of their whole-industry chain strength and the implementation of pragmatic collaboration during his visit to Spain from May 7 to 10 local time.


During his meeting with Mariano Moreno Pavon, president of ENUSA, Yu fully acknowledged positive results of bilateral cooperation and called on the two sides to make full use of their strength, engage in win-win cooperation over nuclear fuel whole-industry chains toward the international market, and work together to further enhance the competitiveness of their products.

Pavon spoke highly of the nuclear fuel strength of the CNNC, and welcomed the CNNC to be its competent product supplier, adding that he was confident of the future cooperation between the two sides.


On May 9, Yu paid a visit to the headquarters of Spanish Tecnatom Group, where he met with Patrick Fragman, chief executive officer of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. After the acquisition of Tecnatom by Westinghouse Electric, the CNNC and Westinghouse Electric have further expanded the scope and consolidated the foundation of their bilateral cooperation.

In the years ahead, the CNNC and Westinghouse Electric will firmly grasp market opportunities worldwide, strengthen and expand bilateral cooperation in the research and development of nuclear fuels, the operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants, and relevant personnel training, and strive for new contributions to the development of global nuclear energy.